Beat Your Friends At Fantasy Football

We play to win. For all fantasy football players, local savings, this is the sole purpose of our existence: We play to win. Unfortunately, winning in this complicated game is not as simple as the experts would make it seem. It is an ongoing struggle, starting from round one of your draft, and continuing every single week until the very last point is scored. The most crucial step in your journey towards winning your fantasy football league is having a strong draft. This can only be accomplished through thorough research; whether that consists of eyeballing your own statistics or reviewing the opinions of the experts, is up to the player. Having a strong draft is about more than knowing whether you’re drafting Michael Vick or Adrian Peterson with the first pick. Have a list of potential “sleepers” handy; these are the guys that could lead to a championship. Once you have a team assembled, it is important to regularly troll your league’s free agent pool. There will be gems to be found once the season is underway. As stars succumb to injuries, backups will become key starters in your lineup. Check the waiver wire every day, and be sure your team is the first grab to these unsung heroes. Trading takes practice. Negotiating is a skill you must develop through repetition. Overvaluing your players can be helpful in convincing another player that what you have is what they need. Additionally, studying the needs of other teams in your league as compared to your own resources is key. Don’t offer someone Steven Jackson for Matt Schaub if he has a backfield committee consisting of Maurice Jones-Drew and Michael Turner; he has no reason to accept this trade. But if you happen to notice that his trio of wide receivers is headed up by someone like Sidney Rice, maybe an offer of Steve Smith or Mike Wallace for Schaub is something he would consider. These strategies and more will help you to dominate your league. Whether you win or lose, continuing to practice is crucial; before long, a well-designed strategy will translate to wins.

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Have Fun While Playing Fantasy Football

Having fun playing fantasy football is the essential motivation for playing in the first place. It can be very satisfying to win money or bragging rights, but if you’re not enjoying yourself, then what is the point of putting so much time and attention into something? Here are a few tips to remember in order to make sure that you enjoy your fantasy football experience.

You’re Not a Real Coach

Many fantasy football players become inundated with stats, Continue reading

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The Ultimate Draft Party

You’re already three steps ahead of the game: you’ve gone to and gotten the requisite NFL channels, you’ve asked your wife if you can have every Thursday off and you’ve already started compiling stats. But if you want to host the Fantasy League to end all Fantasy Leagues this year you’ve got to get started planning draft night.
Talk to Everyone: The next two months are going to fly by so go ahead and get verbal commitments from all your friends. Pick a date and let everyone know so they can start deciding whether or not they want to come.
Think About Food: It may seem inconsequential but what you choose to serve on draft night really sets the tone for the whole season. If you go casual and order pizza everyone’s going to assume you’re causal about the league, too.
Pick a Space: It may not be the best idea to hold the draft party in your living room. Think about whether or not you’d like to have it at a sports bar or a local football field and start planning logistics now.

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How To Make Money At Fantasy Football

Simply knowing the game of Football does not make you money in Fantasy Football. You have to know the scoring rules and how to manipulate the rules to your own benefit.

Knowing your league scoring rules will help you wipe away the competition in a number of matters. Knowing things like who runs the ball the most, who will be the ones that play in certain games and yardage and touchdowns all count. If your particular league let’s you make bets at certain periods during the week, take the chance to exploit those rules Continue reading

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Fantasy Football: Tips, Tactics, And Advice

Fantasy football has quickly become one of the favorite pastimes of many people. It is something that people hold parties around and gather each year to participate in. Some people have even made new friendships with people that they would have never known if it weren’t for fantasy football. Given all of these good things that the game does, you probably are interested in playing. However, most of us are not just interested in playing, we also want to know the ways in which we can win. After all, what Continue reading

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How To Manage Your Fantasy Football Team

In order to be successful in fantasy football, you have to understand that in-season management is the number one priority. The draft is important, but overrated when it comes down to who is going to win your league. When it’s time for the draft, keep in mind that it’s creating value for your team, not getting the best available player at a specific position. For instance, if you already own Drew Brees and Ryan Fitzgerald is available, you take Ryan Fitzgerald. You don’t take Cedric Benson because you need a RB. You Continue reading

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How To Put Together A Winning Fantasy Football Team

The starting lineup for your Fantasy Football Team is down right the most important. No matter if you’re drafting a Quarterback or Running Back first you need to position yourself down the stretch to be able to draft some other great players down the stretch. Your starting lineup is as equally important and the players you have for your bench. You will never know when they come in handy. Whether it’s from someone on your team getting hurt and you need another player to fill its Continue reading

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