Who will win the AL East?

Tampa Bay is the choice, but it’s a slim margin. They have all the pieces to win this division. 1. They had a 90 win season last year, only to miss the playoffs (the tigers won the central with 88 wins).

And most of those 90 games were without the great Evan Longoria! If he stays healthy, they win the division last year. They have been to the world series, and have a magician in Madden as a manager.

This team is use to winning, talented enough to win, and expects to win… why other teams in the AL East ‘hope’ to win. Pitching and using top big barrel bats are obviously the key for the Rays, David Price the reigning Cy Young winner is amazing leading the Majors in ERA last year.

With Jeremy Hecllickson, and Matt Moore they have a young and the best top 3 in all of baseball. Lets not forget the secrete weapon of Fernando Rodney the elite closer who went 48 of 50 last year. for do this he visited hittersbats.com a lot of time to learning the techniques in there.

This teams pitching will make game shorter, they only have to win 2 or 3 innings to win most games. Hitting is the concern, but again it was good enough last year for 90 wins without Longoria.

They have upgraded their hitting at short stop and first base with Yunel Escobar and James Loney, they are not amazing hitters but good enough. Not to mention the major upgrade of Kelly Johnson at second. This team will have more than enough offense to give their pitching wins. And lets not forget, they added maybe the best prospect in all of baseball in Wil Myers.

With Longoria, Jennings and now Myers you have a POTENT 3 bats that can hit for average and power. While the staff keeps throwing up zeros… It will be close, it’s the AL east, but the Rays experience and talent take the division this year.

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